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I love gear.  There – I said it.  Our garage is like the Noah’s Ark of sporting equipment – two bikes, two pairs of skis, two pairs of running shoes optimized for training in low humidity on coarse fire roads – you get the point.  Although I don’t need any new gear in the immediate future and I’ve resisted making major purchases since my Ironman Lake Tahoe training cycle, there are a handful of items I’d be thrilled to have (and not pay for).

1. ReconJet – remember when you were little and future theorists made mention of glasses that had built-in computers?  Well, now we can all be Terminators thanks to the ReconJet.  A heads-up display is built into the ReconJet’s glasses, and data points such as speed, pace, distance, and elevation are projected on the lenses.  I love the idea of this from a safety standpoint, especially when it comes to not taking my eyes off the road on my bike.  Unfortunately, all of this comes at a cost, and it’s a bad sign when the Ironman Kona promo code brings the price down $100 (from $600 retail).

2. Garmin 910XT – this will most likely be my only purchase out of the list.  Despite having a working triathlon watch in the Garmin 405XT, I borrowed a 910XT for a few months and used it at both Wildflower Long Course and Ironman Lake Placid.  Hands down, my favorite feature is the lap counter.  It also features improved battery life, and I prefer its display to the 405XT’s.

Enjoying a rest day before Ironman Lake Placid with the 2012 champion - Andy Potts.

Missed a golden opportunity to get the AP Pro bottle autographed by AP himself. 

3. Nathan AP Pro Bottle – Andy Potts’ go-to for the bike, this 22oz bottle rests between the aerobars to allow refueling without breaking the aero postition.  I’m most curious about its stability – I currently use a Profile Design bottle with a much larger capacity and it tends to rattle between the aerobars, especially at speed.  I also wouldn’t mind an autographed version from AP himself.

4. Wireless Headphones – as Taylor mentioned in her wish list, a pair of wireless headphones and the lack of wires would help prevent those embarrassing moments where I look like I’m trying to break out of a straight jacket while running.  I’d love to have these for biking, trail running, traveling or any time I’m wearing a bag.

5. Brooks Cascadia 9 – my favorite trail shoe and a staple to any long trail run, the Cascadia 9 is slated for a February 2014 release – just in time for Wildflower 2014 training.  Similar to how I reach for Altras, these shoes really fit my feet and running style well, and I can’t wait to take them for a spin.