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2015 was an amazing year for me. I became involved in Girls on the Run of the Bay Area; traveled to amazing places, including Montreal, Berlin (with a little marathon included), Munich, Paris, Iceland, and Tahoe; and started a great job. I ended up running eight running races, PRing in the half marathon at Mountains 2 Beach, and completing one triathlon.

Running with Girls on the Run

Running with Girls on the Run

This year, I want to hone in on a couple of goals and make them my focus. Instead of registering for a bunch of races, I want to set a couple of lofty yet attainable goals: running a sub-1:50 half marathon and completing my first 50-mile trail run.

May 29, 2016: Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon

  • Goal: sub 1:50 half

December 3, 2016: The North Face Endurance Challenge 50M

  • Goal: finish under the time cut off

After Berlin, I felt burnt out from running and exercise in general. During the last six weeks, I’ve felt a rejuvenation for exercise; I’ve been taking some great plyometric and strength classes at Bay Club that are helping build a solid foundation for my 12- or 16-week half marathon training plan that will start in March or April. I’ve had a ton of fun training with the fundraising participants of the You Can Run Program through Girls on the Run of the Bay Area. As a member of the Associate Board, I’ve been joining the weekly track sessions and long runs as the participants train for the Kaiser Half Marathon on February 14. Yesterday, I bought a two-week ClassPass membership for only $19, and I’m completely obsessed with looking at all of the amazing class options and planning my week of workouts. This morning I took a class at my favorite yoga studio in SF, Ritual Hot Yoga, and I’m planning on taking CrossFit and barre classes next week.

Although my race schedule will expand beyond these two A races, I will be registering for far fewer events than I usually do. I may add in another half marathon (potentially San Jose Rock ‘N’ Roll in October) if I don’t achieve my goal at Mountains 2 Beach. I’ll also be running a few long trail races (like Skyline to Sea 50K in October) to practice pacing without having to worry about my route or my fueling. I’m also thinking of registering for Marin Triathlon in November to practice some of my tri racing chops.

I’m really excited and energized about the year ahead. I think my goals are spread enough apart that I can focus on speed during the first half of the year and then switch gears to work on long, slow distance on the trail during the second half of the year. I finally feel like I’m ready to attack my running goals with the vigor and enthusiasm needed to achieve them. Happy New Year, everyone!