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It’s been a long, frustrating 10 weeks, but I finally heard the two words I’ve been waiting for this morning: “you’re cleared”! I could have wept tears of joy on the spot.



When I went in for my Alter G session last Thursday, I couldn’t help but think about how much better I felt versus first time I tried to walk three weeks prior. Although I wasn’t supposed to exceed 50% body weight, I cranked it up anyway knowing that my appointment was only days away. I eventually walked at my full body weight pain-free, and also went for a quick walk around the block over the weekend – also pain-free.

Sure enough, the x-rays confirmed my suspicions – significant healing has taken place, but I’m not 100%. I can start PT, resume cycling outside without restrictions, and add use more body weight on the Alter G. I’m not cleared to run just yet – the doctor asked me to hold off until I can run comfortably on the Alter G at 100% of my body weight, and estimated that I’m 4-6 weeks away. After that, I’ll make the transition to short (5-10 minute) jogs around the track.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to packing my bag for Shift tonight – I’m going to ride my tri bike indoors at a local cycling studio. I greatly appreciate all the kind words and support from our blog readers over the past 2.5 months – you guys rock! Last but certainly not least, Taylor gets the biggest thanks for single-handedly running the show while I physically couldn’t contribute, and taking great care of me all throughout. More to come soon!