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Running Place

Catching the Embarcadero from where Jesse and I call home (Aquatic Park/Fisherman’s Wharf) and running towards the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge is my most common weekday running route. It’s well-lit and populated and the Ferry Building has a bathroom. The Marina Green-> Crissy Field-> Golden Gate Bridge route is also fantastic. Both routes are flat and offer some of the most scenic views you could imagine.

Bay Bridge!

Bay Bridge!

Ferry Building

Ferry Building

Fort Mason

Fort Mason

The Golden Gate's not too shabby, either.

The Golden Gate’s not too shabby, either.

My favorite place to run on the weekends is, without a doubt, the trails in Marin County. The Marin Headlands are pristine, fun, challenging, and never get old!

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SCA Trail

photo 1 (7)

Coast View Trail

photo 2 (7)

Climbing to the top of Mt. Tam

Time of Day

The earlier, the better, always. On weekdays, I typically leave for runs around 6am. On the weekends, I try to be out of the house as early as possible, within reason. I love getting a run in before I do anything else during my day. I’ve mentioned this several times, but running in the evening is kind of like punishment to me: I’m tired, hungry, and just want to relax.

Ideal Weather

San Francisco’s perpetual mid-60s make for ideal running weather year-round. In the rare instance it rains (we are going through a drought, after all), I’ll typically plan a different workout. I wilt in hot (80+ degree) weather, and I have very few experiences running in legitimately cold weather: Portland in January and New York in December. Both times I couldn’t believe that I didn’t warm up to the point of overheating and sweating profusely.


Before weekday morning runs, I’ll typically eat some kind of small sports snack, like these Power Bar wafers or Honey Stinger waffles.

photo 1 (8)


On weekends and before races, I usually eat a combination of these gluten-free waffles (I’m not gluten-free, but Jesse tries to eat wheat-free before races), nut butter, banana, and maple syrup. It’s tasty, calorie-dense, and sits well, all factors that matter to me before a long or hard effort.

Pre-long run or race meal.

Pre-long run or race meal.


Running for me plays into some of my inherent personality qualities: I’m dependable, organized, and thrive in following through on plans.

I hated running all throughout school – my sub-par mile time was the one thing keeping me from the presidential fitness award in K-12. I think that doing things that you’re not naturally good at make you tougher and more able to cope when real problems come your way. Running, for me, is about character building as much as it is about fitness.

I tag JamieSarah, and Leslie! What are your running favorites?