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Taylor and I received some exciting news this week – we’re officially IN for Berlin 2015!


Although we missed out on the initial lottery, we secured entry through a travel agency that lumps race entry into lodging costs. Overall, it was not much more expensive than paying for a hotel a la carte. We’re planning to head straight to Oktoberfest after the marathon and then to another destination – Paris and Prague are early contenders.


We have plenty of time to train, and we both plan on smashing our previous PRs come race day next September. I will let Taylor chime in with her time goals, but I’m throwing it out there now: Berlin is a PR-friendly course and I’m gunning for sub 3:20 as my A-goal, and sub 3:15 as my stretch B-goal. Game on!

Readly for another mud bath on Saturday.

Readly for another mud bath on Saturday.

For now, I’m focused on having a great race at North Face 50 miler on Saturday despite the fact that we’ve experienced rain of biblical proportions this week. Prost!