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Like many things, fitness can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. As I’ve previously mentioned, Jesse loves gear (it’s the secret reason he loves endurance sports and skiing so much), whereas I’m more of a minimalist, stubbornly resisting the help of tools and gadgets until I realize how much easier they make my life. Below is my wish list of fitness gear:

1. Road bike

I'm pretending to be happy, but in reality, this was bike fit me terribly and made my first triathlon a little miserable.

I’m pretending to be happy, but in reality, this bike fit me terribly and made my first triathlon a little miserable.

Triathlons are expensive. Many of the costs, apart from race registration, are one-time purchases, but biting the bullet and shelling out hundreds of dollars for a bike takes courage I don’t yet possess. It’s just a matter of time as to when I decide to buy a bike – I’m registering for Wildflower and Vineman next year, after all.

2. Anything by Lululemon

Most of my workout clothes come from Old Navy and Target. I think I’m the only 26-year-old in San Francisco without one of those reusable Lululemon bags or Wunder Unders. I also refuse to buy decent sports bras, instead preferring to layer multiple sub-par ones. I’d like to see for myself if better quality workout clothes truly make a difference in my workouts.

3. Jawbone Up or Fitbit

Jesse uses a Jawbone Up to track his steps and sleep patterns, and I’d love to see how my own stats stack up with my own Jawbone Up or Fitbit. I’m not very interested in the food tracking aspect, but calculating my vitamin and micronutrient intake would make for an interesting personal assessment.

4. CrossFit Trial Membership

I’d love to try CrossFit, but the fitness craze is way too expensive for me to justify. If I’m too cheap to buy high-quality sports bras, there’s no way I’m shelling out several hundreds dollars per month to workout at the “box.” In San Francisco, rates are substantially higher than they are in the suburbs (no surprise there), so I won’t be trying CrossFit until I move out of the City.

5. Wireless Headphones

I often find myself fidgeting with my headphones when I’m running. Wireless headphones would help prevent me from taking my eyes off the road and adjusting my headphones while I’m running.