Sorry for the belated post – I returned yesterday from a long weekend with two friends in wine country. We stayed at a funky ranch house in Mendocino County and drank wine, did a little hiking, watched movies, laid by the pool, and hung out with Fur Face.

levinIMG_3456 IMG_3453 IMG_3452 IMG_3449While the rest, relaxation, and time in the sunshine felt great, I’m ready to jump into week three of marathon training. Here’s last week’s recap:

Monday: 3.1 miles at 9:39 mins/mile

I ran after work with my colleague who’s newer to running. We took it pretty easy and ran along the Embarcadero.

Tuesday: 6 miles at 9:42 mins/mile

I ran a few warm up miles then did 8 hill repeats up Fort Mason. These were killer but  focused hill training will make me stronger (even for the flat Berlin course).

Made it to the top of Fort Mason!

Made it to the top of Fort Mason!


View from Aquatic Park

Wednesday: Hip and upper body lift

I skipped the cardio in favor of a weights only workout, focusing on the hip strengthening exercises I did when I had severe IT band pain and some upper body exercises.

Thursday: 6 miles at 9:12 mins/mile

Taking a page from Jesse’s book, I did this workout from Competitor Magazine, warming up for 15 minutes before tackling a fartlek workout. I took a while to warm up, but once I was about halfway through with my intervals, I finally felt like my legs were speedy.

The bridge is peeking out.

The bridge is almost visible.

Friday: 13.1 miles at 9:50 mins/mile

Knowing that I had a girls’ weekend ahead of me, I tackled my long run on Friday, completing a slow, sluggish half marathon before leaving for wine country. I desperately need a massage; my next appointment is for July 1.



Saturday: Rest

Sunday: More rest

Grade for the week: B+/A-

I knew that I had a lazy weekend in store and prioritized fitting in all of my training runs during the week. I did the best I could given the circumstances, and that’s all I can really ask of myself!