This week’s marathon training reinforced one thing for me: how badly I need a massage. My IT bands, quads, and hip flexors are so tight that I feel like I’m on the cusp of having ITBS again. Luckily, I have an hour and a half massage scheduled for Wednesday; until then, I’m gingerly fitting the miles in and stretching and foam rolling every day as injury prevention.

Additionally, I spent most of this week off of work, so skipping workouts due to lack of sleep was a non-issue. I don’t go back to work (a new job!) until July 6, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the time relaxing, working out, and being productive around the apartment.

Monday: Rest 

After spending nearly six hours circling around the Bay after my weekend in wine country dropping off friends and Fur Face, I arrived home around 4:30 and had to be in class by 6pm. A workout was just not going to happen.

Tuesday: 3 miles at 9:05 mins/mile 

This run after work was pretty ordinary except for one thing: it was my last day of work! I’ve been working in the marketing department for a transportation planning firm for the last two years, and I’m making a transition into recruiting for a small firm here in San Francisco. I’m so excited about this career change, and taking a bit of a break between jobs will make me feel much more fresh and ready for a new challenge.

Wednesday: 7 miles at 9:38 mins/mile

I ran from my apartment up the Lyon Stairs, through the Presidio and down Lover’s Lane and back. Holy hills! This run gained more than 1,000 feet of elevation, which is pretty significant, given that nearly four miles of this route are flat.


Palace of Fine Arts; this is view cutting up to the Lyon Stairs from Marina.


Lover’s Lane in the Presidio.


View from the top of the Lyon Stairs.

Thursday: 1 hour of weightlifting

I walked out of a terrible yoga class to lift weights instead. I felt a little bad about disrespecting the teacher, but the class was a waste of my time.

Friday: Yoga class, 1000m swim, and 7 miles at 10:07 mins/mile

I attended a very successful vinyasa flow class and hit the pool for a short swim. Later in the evening (it was very uncomfortably windy), Jesse and I ran through the Presidio for yet another hilly run; this one gained nearly 1,000 feet of elevation. This was also the first time Jesse and I ran together for a longer run since he broke his foot.

Saturday: Pilates class

I went to a favorite pilates class Saturday morning.

My setup.

My setup and view of the Embarcadero.

Sunday: 10 miles at 9:34 mins/mile

Jesse and I escaped San Francisco for a beautiful run on a favorite biking route, Paradise Loop. Experiencing the PLoop on foot was quite different from the bike experience and felt much hillier! Tiburon was absolutely gorgeous, and Jesse and I had fun appreciating things about the area we normally miss because we’re biking.

Jesse in his glory.

Jesse in his glory.


Grade for the week: A

I took advantage of my time off of work to get in all of my required runs while being careful not to overdo it with the condition my body is currently in. I’m excited to see how I do as the runs get longer. Jesse and I booked a large part of our connecting transportation and lodging while we’re in Europe, and it’s making the vacation feel more real.