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I experienced the first major breakthrough since my injury this weekend: my pain has finally subsided. During my first week on the sidelines, even the slightest torsion would send a shooting pain through my foot and I had to be extremely deliberate about every move. Much to my surprise, the pain seemingly disappeared out of nowhere yesterday, and it was a tremendous boost to my spirit.


I visited the doctor last week – although the x-rays didn’t show any significant progress (as expected), I got to ditch my hard cast one week into the healing process. I’m now in a boot – I refuse to call it a walking boot until I’m actually allowed to walk again. That said, I’m hoping for good news when I head in for another set of x-rays this Friday. Surgery was unlikely from the start, but this next visit should give me a firm answer one way or another.

2016 Hokas - sneak preview

2016 Hokas – sneak preview

Taylor and I have been brainstorming a potential trip to hold us over until our massive Eurotrip for the Berlin Marathon and Oktoberfest, and we finally pulled the trigger over the weekend: we booked 6 days in Montreal in August. My sister and her boyfriend recently moved into a new house in Montreal, and we’ve been looking forward to visiting them for some time now. The trip is also timed very well: the permafrost should be gone by August, and we’ll be there the same weekend as Ironman Mont Tremblant.

Taylor and Augie keeping me good company

Taylor and Augie keeping me good company

It’s too soon to commit to an Ironman, but the timing of the trip is not coincidental – if my recovery goes well and I receive medical clearance, I will strongly consider making Ironman Mont Tremblant my comeback race.


Ironman Mont Tremblant takes place exactly 6 months after my injury – ample recovery time based on what I’ve discussed with my doctor thus far. The recommendation is to spend 2 weeks building for every week on the sidelines: if I spend 6-8 weeks recovering from the initial break, then 12-16 weeks of rebuilding to my current fitness level would give me more than a fair shot at a strong Ironman performance come mid-August.

Time will tell whether this trip will be for business or pleasure; either way, it feels good to have another soft goal on the calendar.