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I received some exciting news on Friday:



I’m not sure why I feel such a strong need to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, but my hypothesis is that I’d feel a bit left out if I didn’t run a race hosted in my city. While I’m not super girly and I may be a bit apathetic towards the Tiffany’s necklaces, abundance of pink, and firemen handing out chocolate, I’m really excited to train for and run the race on October 19 with 25,000 other (mostly female) participants.

A few weeks ago, Nike sent out an email about a second chance to earn a spot in the race by syncing your Nike+ workouts to the Nike Women’s training app. I fulfilled all of the workouts, and it worked! This race is bloody expensive ($180 for a half marathon, really?), and Nike has yet to release this year’s revamped course map, which I find slightly ridiculous given that the race is in two months.

Jesse will be at the race too, but in a different capacity: he’s volunteering to be the lead cyclist in front of the top runners (I’m hoping Shalane Flanagan will be participating!). He’ll learn more about this role when he attends the information sessions required to participate; we’ll be sure to update you on what his precise duties will be when we know more information.

Is anyone else running Nike Women’s? I know Jamie is!