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This morning, something very exciting happened.


I’m officially a Bay Club member! I’m really, really excited about all of the perks I mentioned previously. The Bay Club is not cheap, but I think of the membership as an investment into my health and happiness (and also a recreational expense).

Jesse and I were talking and he mentioned a reason for my leg pain I hadn’t considered previously: my shoes. I didn’t realize this before the marathon, but my trusty Nike Lunarglides have hundreds of miles on them. With previous pairs of shoes, I know it’s time for a replacement when my knees start to hurt. I would feel pretty silly but also incredibly relieved if my leg and knee pain were resolved with a simple shoe purchase. I bought these pretty purple Altras per Jesse’s recommendation; if they don’t work for me feet, I’ll return them and buy my seventh pair of Lunarglides.

This weekend, Jesse’s participating in the Marin Century ride on Saturday, likely followed up by Orca Alcatraz Challenge Aquathon/Swim on Sunday. This would be his third time swimming from Alcatraz and the second weekend in a row in which he completes a long triathlon of sorts during the course of the weekend.

Have a great weekend!