Today, I did what any sane person who just DNFed for the first time would do: I registered for another race. As Jesse and I were talking last night, I realized trying to PR at the Town’s Half in three weeks could be done but is probably not very smart.



Instead, Jesse and I are both planning for a PR at the Kaiser Half Marathon in San Francisco on February 1. This race was actually my second race (and half marathon) ever back in 2011, where I was on track for a sub-2 hour finish until IT band pain (sound familiar?) derailed my pace for the last five miles. This PR-friendly course is net downhill and takes place in Golden Gate Park, with segments in NOPA and Ocean Beach. I squeaked out a sub-2 hour finish at the Healdsburg Half in October, despite two bathroom stops and almost no sleep; I know I can improve my time on this course.

The timing of this race works perfectly. After North Face in December, I can dial back on mileage and focus on speed. With the Berlin Marathon in September 2015, I want to abide by a proper 16-week training schedule with no shortcuts, which would schedule training to begin in May. The race is $60 – not a bad price compared to other races in San Francisco.

Last year it rained, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for us!