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As Jesse and I ramp up our mileage for our upcoming long distance races, rest and recovery become increasingly important components to successful training. While I’m running the San Francisco Marathon next month, Jesse’s ambitions include racing Vineman 70.3, and two weeks later he tackles Vineman Aquabike and the San Francisco Marathon in consecutive days.

Running with a furry friend.

Running with a furry friend.

After a long workout, Jesse and I try to follow a sound recovery plan:

  • Proper cooldown (Usually just a walk at the end of a long run).
  • Meal or large snack with ample protein (We try to down a smoothie of sorts with whey powder).
  • Stretch and foam rolling session (We use the foam roller, stretch out strap, stick, and lacrosse ball to accomplish this, along with something mindlessly entertaining on the TV like Orange is the New Black to make this more painless).
  • Cold bath or ice bath (After last weekend’s 16 miles, I begrudgingly sat in a cold bath for about 15 minutes to reduce inflammation. I drank hot mint tea with lots of honey to console myself, but usually I double fist tea and beer to make this process less horrendous).

This consistent maintenance is crucial for both of us to maintain flexibility and strength and avoid overuse injury or tight muscles. Jesse’s recovery will be put to the test when he races Ironman distances over the course of two days (with Vineman Aquabike and the San Francisco Marathon).