After my blowup at Wildflower, I made a list of goals that I’d need to strive toward if I want to approach my goal of setting a 70.3 PR and hopefully breaking 5:30 at Vineman in July. One of those was to eliminate dairy indefinitely – ice cream, post workout pizza, and fro yo included.

When I posted back on May 8, I noted that the short term impact of eliminating dairy (for roughly a week at that point) was staggering. Now that I’m 3+ weeks detached from delectable dairy indulgence, the results are hard to believe: I’m almost 15 pounds lighter.

I tipped the scales at 167.2 pounds this morning – and the .2 very well could have been my iPhone. This is officially the lowest weight I can recall – at the peak of my weight loss during Ironman training in 2012, I dipped down to 168 pounds.


It’s important to note that the only thing that’s changed in my diet is the elimination of dairy. For those of you who’re wondering, I’m still eating treats – plenty of treats, drinking beer (in moderation) and otherwise eating roughly 80% clean. It really reinforces the fact that Lactaid lulled me into a false sense of security – I’m allergic to dairy and a magic pill won’t necessarily cure me.

My leaner frame is already translating to a lower rate of perceived exertion during my runs and bike rides and I’m charging toward an improved power to weight ratio at the perfect time. I’ll post a recap of my progress toward hitting the other goals I set after Wildflower in the upcoming weeks, but until then, pass the sorbet.