Thankfully, California is receiving some much-needed rain to alleviate our drought emergency. I was relieved to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of rain on our fire escape. The weather forecast calls for rain through Sunday, which will help fill the lakes, provide water for the flora and fauna, wash away the smog layer, and improve the quality of our trails.

The wet weather certainly impedes our weekend triathlon training plans: the long bike and the long run. Call me a spoiled Californian, but I won’t tough it out in inclement weather because it’s so rare. I don’t have to become accustomed to rain and wind in my face simply because I don’t have to. After pacing Jesse for half of the North Face Endurance Challenge 50-miler in 2012 during the worst storm of the year, I vowed never to run in the rain again.

Smiling that the muddy marathon is over.

Smiling that the muddy marathon is over.

Instead of toughing it out outside, we plan on taking the long workouts inside.

Saturday: Back to back spin classes. Our plans both call for a two-hour bike ride, so we’ll mimic the hills of the Presidio or Marin indoors during a couple of tough spin classes.

Sunday: Run on the treadmill. Jesse hates running on the treadmill, and while I don’t enjoy it, I’ll run on the hamster wheel if it’s pouring outside. However, if it’s not too rainy, we’ll likely run outside. A little water never hurt anyone.

Situations arise that will derail triathlon training: you’ll get injured, sick, busy, or tired. The key to training for any long distance event is being flexible and improvising, and this weekend’s storm provides ample opportunity for Jesse and I to test our ability to adjust.