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While I wish the title of this post was in reference to an impending rainstorm ready to save California from the horrible drought we’re in, I’m really referencing the calm before the training storm. Next week, I’ll officially begin training for the Olympic Distance Wildflower and Vineman Half Ironman.

My training schedule is going to focus on the bike leg while maintaining my running fitness and building up my swim fitness. I’d like to continue to strength train at least once a week. When I swim lately, which is rare, I easily swim almost the Olympic distance, with time before work being my only real barrier. I’ve been running frequently, with about three runs a week. To conquer the bike leg (maybe conquer is a bit strong for a newbie like myself), I’m going to take one or two spin classes per week (until daylight savings allows for morning rides), with one longer bike ride on the weekends. The 56-mile bike leg at Vineman is particularly daunting for me.

This is me conquering the bike, also known as moping after I crashed on my first ride.

This is me conquering the bike, also known as moping after I crashed on my first ride.

Another important aspect of my plan is the rest day. I’m going to plan for a rest day during the work week, when I need it most. The weekends will be used for a long bike ride and a long (preferably trail) run. I’ll also need to incorporate bricks into this regimen.

I’m really excited for a new challenge and an opportunity to adhere to a training regimen again. I haven’t officially trained for anything since last year’s San Francisco Marathon, and I’m excited for the variety and new challenges triathlon training will offer.

I will share my training plan as I formulate it this week.