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Similar to Jesse’s goals mentioned in yesterday’s post, I too have end of year goals. I’m not the type of person to make resolutions; I feel like deciding upon a lofty goal without a serious timeline in mind or action plan sets people up for failure. January gym joiners who abandon their fledgling gym routine by February come to mind. Instead of reflecting on this year’s success/fail rate of resolutions or brainstorming for next year’s resolutions, I want to savor this time of year and enjoy the rest of 2013.

1. Exercising however I want. Whether this means running five days or running zero days per week, I’m excited that my calendar is race-free for the near future. Bikram yoga, strength training, riding my shiny new bike, and trail running will all be a part of my routine depending on my mood.

From last weekend's 50K.

From last weekend’s 50K.

2. Enjoying my precious time off from work. My work’s PTO policy is strange, so I’m very thankful I’ll be able to take five full days off from work for the holidays.

3. Surviving winter in New York. Jesse and I are flying to New York on Christmas Day to visit his family and returning to San Francisco on December 30th. Even though California has had a cold snap, nothing has prepared me for freezing temperatures during the day. I own no cold weather clothes and am a total weather wimp, so I’m going to layer and try to avoid complaining too much.

4. Getting into the holiday spirit. This the first year I’ve gone all-out buying presents, and Jesse and I are currently discussing getting a little holiday tree from our apartment. Normally I dislike the commercialism surrounding Christmas, but I’m excited to treat my loved ones with gifts.

5. Making and eating treats. I have a few recipes in mind for delicious baked goods, and I can’t wait to share in the baking and eating process with the people I love.