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In the days following the ankle roll that had me fearing the worst, I’ve remained cautiously optimistic about my recovery odds ahead of the Quad Dipsea on Saturday. Between a deep tissue massage last Friday, ample time spent stretching, and an encouraging jog where I felt little pain, I was confident enough to attempt a run representative of what I’ll encounter on the Dipsea this weekend.

Taylor and I chose my go-to strenuous 10K – a loop of the Miwok trail, which rises from sea level to over 1000′ in 2.5 or 3.5 miles depending on which direction I run.  Still recovering from her spill on Saturday, Taylor did a run/walk up the steep clockwise slope.  I opted for the “gradual” slope, and managed to complete the 3.5 mile summit at race pace in just over 30 minutes. The descent is extremely steep, and I kept an even, easy pace down; most importantly, I didn’t feel any pain – we’ll see if that holds after I climb 1000′ nine times on Saturday.

elev splits

Although I consider myself very lucky to hurl myself up and down mountains only days after I ordered X-rays because I couldn’t walk properly, there’s nothing extraordinary about what I did to recover.  I slept as much as I could, ate a balanced diet except for the copious amounts of Thanksgiving candy and buttered popcorn at the Hunger Games, and took several days off entirely.  My goal of running two ultras in a week is still in tact – now all I need to do is break the tape.

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