Running has always been one of my favorite ways to experience a new location.  After I recover from my flight and jet lag, my next order of business is to lace up my shoes and find a scenic loop that’ll help me learn the lay of the land.  Lucky for me, my company put me up in an apartment right next to one of the top running loops in Copenhagen – Søerne, which translates to “The Lakes”.

Walkers, joggers, families and tourists line this iconic loop around five man-made likes in the center of Copenhagen’s most diverse neighborhood – Nørrebro.  Despite my affinity for steep hills, Søerne is the next best thing: a one loop 10K that features an all dirt, double-track, pancake-flat path with city views the entire way.  I took full advantage and logged a quality speed workout – a mile warmup at marathon pace (8:20), 5 miles in 37 minutes (7:25) and a 1.5 mile cool-down (7:50).

I thoroughly enjoyed taking in the sights minus the local running garb: middle-aged men must get steep discounts on skin-tight running capris.  The Danes also love outdoor seating – lakefront bars were packed despite the chilly weather and lack of heat lamps.  Instead, bars and restaurants provide oversized blankets; I think I could warm up to that.

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