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When I recently switched jobs, I was very excited to find that my new company offered a corporate discount for Crunch, with a location adjacent to my office. I had been a 24 Hour Fitness member since 2010, and with a location a mere five blocks from my apartment, the convenience of the location had kept me a happy customer. I joined Crunch mainly for the classes. I started this job shortly after finishing my second San Francisco Marathon, and I was more than eager to add bootcamps, spin, and yoga to my routine.

Taking a break from races to spend some time in the gym.

Taking a break from races to spend some time in the gym.

The only downside to my new gym membership is that I have to lug my gym bag to the gym’s Financial District location after walking for almost 40 minutes, or I can choose to walk about 15 minutes to exercise at the gym closest to home. I almost always choose lugging my heavy bag because the morning classes and the times at Crunch New Montgomery are better than the classes at Crunch Polk.

Crunch is known for their classes, and they surely do not disappoint. I love Killer X Training, Ultimate Conditioning, Heated Vinyasa, and Spin. The only class I haven’t loved was a morning yoga class. There wasn’t anything wrong with the class, it just wasn’t my style (difficult, heated) of yoga.

The only class I took at 24 Hour Fitness was spin, and I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor’s fast-tempo class and electropop soundtrack. 24 Hour is much more limited in its classes than Crunch.

The Crunch locker rooms contain shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers, lotion, q-tips, and mouthwash. At 24 Hour Fitness, your option is soap…and only soap. Crunch’s amenities are a step up from 24 Hour Fitness, but no where near Equinox caliber. I’ll let Jesse explain his love for Kiehl’s and steam rooms on a different post.

Kettlebells, TRX, wall balls, and other functional training equipment is all over Crunch, giving everyone the opportunity to work out the way they want. 24 Hour Fitness had just  installed a set of TRX equipment, but other than that, the equipment was fairly bare bones.

In the gym showdown, Crunch surely wins out, but I think the most important aspect in choosing a gym is to choose a gym you’re going to go to frequently. There’s no point in paying a membership if the gym is too far away/awkwardly laid out/lacking in classes if those certain aspects make or break your gym rat status.