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Happy Friday! Jesse and I are currently in San Diego for the inaugural USA Half Marathon This race aims to be a Boston Marathon for half marathons. Current qualifying times are 1:54 for women and 1:44 for men; after PRing at Mountains 2 Beach this year, I figured I would seize the opportunity to run in San Diego before the qualifying times become more stringent.

Jesse and I are both in recovery mode of sorts. His epic finish at the Rio Del Lago 100 Miler was seriously inspiring – not only because of his athletic achievement but because of his attitude before, during, and after the race. As corny as it sounds, running with him during RDL was inspiring. After seeing him crushed from the three-month lay up after breaking his foot only to come back and PR in the half ironman and marathon AND finish a 100 miles is a true testament to his tenacity and grit. It feels incredibly silly saying this, but Jesse wasn’t the only one completely spent after the weekend of the 100. I didn’t really sleep that weekend and worried about Jesse the whole time (especially during the period when I thought he had made a wrong turn), and I suspect this weakened my immune system, which is why I’m now wrangling with a cold. Jesse’s not feeling 100% either; he’s still a little fatigued and achey (especially in his feet).

Tomorrow’s event will be less of a race and more of a delightful trot around beautiful, 80-degree San Diego. I’ve ran parts of the course before (I did the Hot Chocolate 15K a couple of years ago), and San Diego is one of my favorite places in California. I’m hoping this race will help invigorate my love of running. Since returning home from Europe, I’ve only ran a handful of times. With North Face Endurance Challenge two weeks away, I hope to in a run happy mindset before tackling an ultramarathon.

From the expo today.

From the expo today.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!