Now that my legs are recovered from the Berlin Marathon, and the rest of my body is recovered from the jet lag and travel from the rest of our amazing European vacation, I’ve been falling into a good rhythm with workouts (and hope to keep this up when my funemployment ends tomorrow!).

Suffering right before the finish line.

Suffering right before the finish line.

I’ve been doing whatever workout my heart desires, with an emphasis on strength training. My body has greatly appreciated the break from slow, endurance cardio. I lifted on Sunday and am still store. I did a speed workout last week (1 mile warm-up, 1x1600m, 2x800m, 4x400m, .5 mile cool down), and I was sore for two days afterwards. I’m taking this soreness as a sign that these more intense and shorter workouts are the kinds of activities my body is craving.

I have two races left for 2015: the USA Half Marathon in San Diego on November 21st is up next. This is the inaugural event, and the directors are marketing the race as the Boston Marathon of half marathons. I qualified for this race back at Mountains 2 Beach with a 1:54, so I’m taking advantage of running this race before entry times become more difficult.

My last race is the North Face Endurance Challenge on December 5. I’ve ran the 50K twice, and while I’m currently registered for the 50M, I’m rethinking how wise attempting 50 miles may be and considering running the 50K again, with the hope of PRing. This race is a total blast, and I’m hoping for nice weather this year (it’s been a rainy, muddy mess two out of the last year years).

Also, remember when I started a new job back in July? The truth was, I was miserable there, and Single-Tracked Mind likely suffered as one of the consequences. I’m starting a new job tomorrow, after almost a month of funemployment (which included Europe)! I can’t wait to start my new gig. I’m very grateful everything has worked out the way it has. I’m looking forward to San Francisco’s (non-existent) fall and winter and what the rest of the year has in store!