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I can’t really believe I’m playing catch up from late June, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. Along with the stress that accompanies starting a new job, I had three classes from 6:00 – 9:30pm following work for the last two weeks, translating into disrupted sleep and little free time. I will always prioritize sleep over exercise, especially when I want to make good first impression at a new gig. I have barely exercised the last two weeks but am trying not to beat myself up over it because this was truly a unique set of circumstances.

I don’t resume class until after the marathon, so my training should be mostly uninterrupted from here on out! I’m glad this interruption occurred early in my training while my mileage is still ramping up.

Week 4 included my full week off between jobs and also a long weekend in Tahoe for July 4th.

Monday, June 29: 3 miles at 8:48 mins/mile

The day after our Paradise Loop run, I ran at what felt like a fairly easy pace. It was a beautiful morning in the city!

Beautiful view of the Transamerica Pyramid.

Beautiful morning!

Tuesday, June 30: 45 minutes of strength training

I’m definitely making it a priority to strength train throughout this training cycle.

Wednesday, July 1: 7 miles at 9:43 mins/mile

This was a tough run and I couldn’t muster anything faster than an easy pace. However, I got massaged this day!

Thursday, July 2: Rest

I took a rest day from getting the massage

Friday, July 3: Rest

Jesse and I drove up to Tahoe early on Friday to beat the Fourth of July traffic. I had the best intentions to run, but it just didn’t happen. I did manage a short swim in the lake, but I forgot my Garmin.

Saturday, July 4: 14 miles at 10:06 mins/mile

This run was tough for many reasons (holiday traffic, some sketchy parts of the road I had to run on, a thunder and lightning storm that made me fear for my life) but it was difficult mostly due to the elevation. I had to stop and catch my breath every so often, and the last few miles were exceedingly difficult mentally and physically. I toughed it out and Jesse and I had a great Fourth!

Tahoe is beautiful!

Tahoe is beautiful!

Storm clouds

Storm clouds

Pizza and beer is the best reward after a long run!

Pizza and beer is the best reward after a long run!

Sunday, July 5: .5 mile swim

I meant to run again today, but I really wanted to take advantage of swimming in the beautiful, clear waters of lake Tahoe.

Wetsuits on and ready to swim!

Wetsuits on and ready to swim!

Grade for the week: B+

I missed a couple of runs from being in Tahoe, but I’m really glad I managed running 14 miles at 6,000′!

Week 5 included my first day of work and three nights of classes.

I only managed three workouts:

Tuesday, July 6: 5 miles at 8:56 mins/mile

I did a a fartlek workout before work and felt way more like myself that day as a result.

Wheres the bridge?

Wheres the bridge?

Saturday, July 11: 2 miles at 9:26 mins/mile

I attempted to run while Jesse did his shakeout before Vineman, but I just felt terrible from the lack of sleep and inconsistent schedule. I guess it was better than nothing?

Sunday, July 12: 9 miles at 9:43 mins/mile

While Jesse was crushing Vineman, I did my long run for the week. It was hot and I didn’t feel like running, but I’m very glad I conquered this run!

Grade for the week: C-

I did the best I could, but I definitely fell short of the mileage I was supposed to throw down.

Week 6 was a continuation of Week 5: more class, little sleep, and no free time.

Monday, July 13: .6 mile swim

Jesse and I took this day off of work and swam at Bay Club Gateway at their outdoor pool. The warm day and tranquil escape in the middle of the city felt amazingly decadent.

Thursday, July 16: 40 minutes of strength training

I meant to follow this workout up with a run, but my Garmin wouldn’t turn on and my phone was at 5% battery. I instead stretched for a long time and sat in the steam room.

Saturday, July 18: 5 miles at mins/mile

I ran to a bakery in San Francisco to grab treats for a friend’s birthday only to find the line wrapped around the block. I turned my errand-running into a real run and completed five hilly miles.

Not a bad backyard.

Not a bad backyard.

Sunday, July 19: Rest

A late night out, an atypically hot San Francisco day, and a full social calendar was not conducive to fitting in a run.

Grade for the week: D

I’m really looking forward to working out consistently and feeling more like myself again!