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It finally happened: I registered for my first 100 mile footrace this morning – Rio Del Lago 100. I chose Rio Del Lago because it’s within driving distance and it gains a little over 10,000′ – the same elevation I gained over 50 miles at North Face Endurance Challenge last weekend. A “runnable” 100 appeals to me much more than the races with ~20,000′ of gain, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to leverage my speed to cover as much distance as possible before things get very ugly.

I’ve been wavering on the idea of a 100 for some time now, but an interaction I had last week sealed the deal. I met a guy who recently ran his first 100 – Javelina Jundred, after speculating for some time, and he put it bluntly: when will you ever truly feel ready to register for a 100? I agreed wholeheartedly. He proceeded to finish in a respectable 27 hours after devising his own training plan that weighed heavily on cross-training. Challenge accepted.


100 miles is uncharted territory for me to say the least. Although I’ve never attempted anything longer than a 50 miler, I feel confident that I’ll be able to adapt my training approach to a 100. Here’s my rough plan and the races I have on the calendar next year:

January-May 2015: high volume triathlon training – emphasis on long aerobic bike rides and running speed work. My body responds very well to cross training and I want to improve on my aerobic base by leveraging biking and swimming in addition to running.

June-November 2015: high volume trail running – one (very) long run per week, and a long bike on the following day instead of posting massive 20+ mile runs in consecutive days. My body doesn’t respond well to massive running volume without reprieve in the form of cross training.

2015 Race Schedule: 

February: Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon

March: Way Too Cool 50K (pending lottery results)

May: Wildflower Long Course (pending rain this winter!)

May: Mountains to Beach Road Marathon (culmination of early season speedwork)

June: Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon (just for fun)

July: Vineman 70.3 (A-priority triathlon)

September: Berlin Marathon (A-priority PR marathon)

October: Dick Collins 50 Miler* (tbd – this will be a last minute decision depending on our eurotrip)

November: Rio Del Lago 100 Miler (A-priority)

It will be a long and interesting journey, and I’m already looking forward to kicking off next season. Stay tuned!