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With a 50K just around the corner (I can’t believe December is a little more than a month away), I’ve been trying to run at least a half marathon on the road or trail every weekend. With a distance running goal rather than a time in mind, I’ve diversified my training regimen, with plenty of spin, swim, and weightlifting filling my schedule.

Here’s how this week is shaping up:

M – Weightlifting session

T – Spin class

W – Rest

Th – Run 5-6

F – BodyPump

Sa – Swim or yoga

Sun – Run long

On November 15, Jesse and I are running the Mt. Tam Trail Run as a training run for North Face. I’ll be tackling the 30K while Jesse is racing the 50K in preparation for 50 miles at North Face. On Sunday, Jesse and I joined his colleague Kevin (who recently moved to Mill Valley) for a seven-mile trail run. We ran familiar trails (Dipsea, Sun, Lost, back to the Dipsea), and Jesse totaled nearly 40 miles over four days.

photo(9)photo 1(32)While Jesse can handle high volume, I know I should not mimic his training. Jesse recovers like a champion, while I can feel the effects of DOMS for up to four days after a weightlifting workout (which happened last week). Sleep, stretching, and regular massages are they keys to my athletic recovery.

I’m looking forward to Daylight Savings Time ending this weekend – running in the pitch black before work has been little disheartening.