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I’m going to refrain from sharing a big accomplishment from Saturday’s Skyline to the Sea Marathon and wait until Jesse can share the news himself. Jesse is attending his company’s major yearly conference this week and will be super busy with that event through the end of the week.

On Sunday, Jesse and I attended a Golden Gate Triathlon Club trail running clinic. We met at Fort Barry, where a Brooks representative let the group exchange their shoes for a trial pair of Brooks trail running shoes. Already sporting our trusty Brooks Cascadias, Jesse and I both tested the Brooks Pure Grits. My conclusion? The very lightweight shoes are too minimalist for my taste; I prefer a sturdier trail shoe to protect my ankles from rolling while I run downhill. Jesse said he would like wearing the Pure Grits for shorter, mid-week trail runs.

The group split into one group for the 10-mile loop and another for the seven-mile loop. We opted for the shorter distance, given Jesse’s marathon the day before. We decided to keep the pace easy and enjoy the perfectly warm, sunny day.

View from the top - that's the Golden Gate Bridge peaking out!

View from the top – that’s the Golden Gate Bridge peaking out!


Post-run, we watched the Blue Angels air show from our roof. We had the best view in the house!

photo 2(32)This may have been San Francisco’s last Indian Summer weekend, but at least we eked out as many summer activities as possible.