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This morning, Jesse and I walked to the Bay Club to swim before work (and he followed up his swim with a five-mile run). I must say, despite my aversion to biking, I truly enjoy the first leg (swimming) and last leg (running) of triathlon. I swam 2,000 meters in 40-45 minutes. I don’t have a pool-friendly watch, so my estimates are all rough.


What I like about swimming is how refreshing and easy on the body it is, especially after a week of lifting and running. No matter how sore I am, swimming with a pull buoy for at least a half an hour always leaves me feeling better than when I awkwardly plopped into the pool. And since I’m a newbie (I started swimming for exercise about a year and a half ago), my progression has been rapid and obvious – I’ve definitely gotten faster since joining Bay Club a month ago.

Tomorrow, Jesse and I plan on running Tennessee Valley with a couple of friends, including Jamie. We have one more full week of work left until we drive up to Tahoe to acclimate to the elevation before Jesse conquers his second full Ironman. Have a great weekend!