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Today marks the end of my second week at my new job. My first two weeks have been amazing – I’m very happy with my new role and responsibilities, and my team is a pleasure to work with. After four years of travel, I couldn’t be more excited about living where I used to vacation with Taylor and restoring the work/life balance that I’ve lacked for years. Although there will be long days and weeks, I’ve worked 40 hours thus far and overtime is strongly discouraged at my new employer. My workouts have flourished as a result: I can sleep, eat, and train on a schedule again.

Full speed ahead: ready to crush Vineman Monte Rio next weekend.

Full speed ahead: ready to crush Vineman Monte Rio next weekend.

The first real test will be Vineman Monte Rio next Sunday, June 8- my first triathlon since I blew up at Wildflower. I’ll post an update about the goals I set for Vineman Monte Rio and 70.3 next week, and I can safely say that the results speak for themselves four weeks into my revised regimen – especially this week’s track workout.

Taylor posted about our Track Workout from Hell earlier this week. Despite the acute pain, we both agree that running fast is the best way to get faster. Although we had brief rests in between sets, my moving time for the 3 mile workout was 16:05 – good for a 5:21 pace. While I couldn’t hold this for a 5K just yet, I’ve experienced substantial gains in my top end speed this year, and I’m convinced that track has played a large part in my improvement.  Have a great weekend and train hard!