102: miles biked. I split the mileage over 2 rides – 40 on Saturday, and 60 on Monday with a long run in between. This was a great test of my recovery 16 weeks out from Ironman Lake Tahoe.

21: mile per hour average speed over the flat segments of my rides over the weekend.

4: tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter consumed after said bike rides.

5: long hours spent stretching and foam rolling with Taylor while watching The Americans on FX.

0: episodes left in season 1 of The Americans after tonight’s stretching session.

7:03: pace I held for the last 2 miles of my 14 miler with Taylor on Sunday.

8: number of lint roller sheets I used to clean up Colleen’s hair.

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I’m watching you.


Valleys and Peaks

Valleys and Peaks

Monday's Ride

Monday’s Ride

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