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I desperately need a massage, and not a spa experience with tranquil music, hot stones, and a gentle Swedish rub. I need a massage to work out the knots and tightness in my legs to restore flexibility and range of motion. Jesse and I try to get a deep tissue sports massage every month to six weeks, closer to a month during heavy training volume. I know it’s time for a massage when I feel:

  • Tightness, soreness, and stiffness
  • Loss of range of motion (particularly when lifting my legs when running; I start pronating like crazy)
  • Pain and discomfort causing loss of sleep (I’ve been guilty of this one during the last two weeks)

Yesterday, Jesse had a massage at Nathan Freebody, and tomorrow, I’m going to see Mark at Bay Area Bodyworks. Jesse’s session with Nathan proved helpful: although he’s feeling sore today, his legs also feel rejuvenated after his multiple Hawk Hill climbs and international travel.

With my favorite torture device.

With my favorite torture device.

The goal is to maintain the looseness achieved through the massage by stretching and foam rolling nightly. Jesse and I have both slacked off a bit on this body maintenance in the last month or so (he’s been traveling, I have less of an excuse). We both want to be limber for Wildflower in three and a half weeks (eek!).