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Jesse and I celebrated our anniversary by running on part of the Dipsea and Sun Trail to Muir Woods.

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We did about seven miles before our dinner reservation at Koo in the Inner Sunset, our favorite Japanese restaurant in the city, where we failed to remember to take a photo but left feeling comfortably satisfied.

Last Sunday, Jesse and I ventured on our bikes again, and I can confidently say that the ride was better than all others before it.

paradise loop

We started at Mike’s Bikes and rode the “backway” to Paradise Loop in Tiburon, by way of Belvedere. I haven’t mastered the art (or perhaps peril) or snapping photos while biking, so I didn’t take any photos, but the island was definitely as beautiful and opulent (in a Marin way) as I expected for the richest town in California.

This week, I’ve been good about getting in theΒ  required workouts.

On Monday, I swam my longest distance to date – 1.1 miles, or 34 laps. I feel good knowing that my swim technique and speed is improving, especially after how short of a time I’ve been swimming.

Tuesday’s 5.5-mile run was absolutely glorious, particularly because of these gorgeous views on what would be a nearly 80-degree day.

My scheduled lift and spin on Wednesday was cut a little short. I may or may not have drifted back into unconsciousness for 15 minutes longer than I would have liked after my 5am alarm, but I still managed a few compound weightlifting exercises and a 45-minute spin class.

Today is a rest day, and tomorrow I’ll take another spin class after a 30 minute weightlifting session.

This weekend, Jesse and I are eying this race on Angel Island after our trip last weekend was canceled due to a wonky ferry schedule. We’ll also be going on another long bike ride, likely in Marin.

With Wildflower less than a month (!) away, my goals are to continue to aim for bike rides longer than the 25-mile distance at the race, with my peak brick workout a 40-mile ride with a short, 10- or 15-minute run. When I accomplish this, I’ll start race day feeling much more confident than when I started this triathlon journey.