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On Saturday, Jesse and I will be racing our first trail race and half marathon of the year, the Montara Mountain Trail Half Marathon in Pacifica. After Jesse’s birthday race was cancelled due to fire near Mt. Diablo, we received a generous voucher to register for a new race (we paid less than $5 for this one) and chose this one due to its proximity to San Francisco and lack of conflict with our triathlon training.

Trail practice.

Trail practice.

I plan on taking this race pretty easy, using it as a long, slow distance run and saving my legs for Sunday’s planned three-hour bike ride in Golden Gate Park. I haven’t ran much in the last month, allocating more time to biking and swimming. Nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain will force parts of this race to be more of a hike than a run, but I’m really excited to spend Saturday exercising outside, particularly after last weekend’s debauchery.

The view from this trail, from Coastal Trail Runs' website.

The view from this trail, from Coastal Trail Runs’ website.