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Last week was my first “official” week of training for Wildflower and Vineman. Although my exercise schedule has consistently been 5-6 times per week for years, the next few months of sweat sessions will focus on the three legs of the triathlon.

For my first official week, my week looked like this:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 30 minutes stationary bike, 1 hour group plyometrics class

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles

Thursday – Swam 1500 meters

Friday – 45 minute spin class, 25 minutes weightlifting

Saturday – Spin classes and the stationary bike for 1 hour 50 minutes

Sunday – 7 rainy miles

The turnaround point for Sunday's rainy run - Hoppers Hands under the Golden Gate Bridge

The turnaround point for Sunday’s rainy run – Hoppers Hands under the Golden Gate Bridge

While Jesse’s 12 solid workouts last week put my workout log to shame, I have to keep in mind that he’s training to break a certain time at Ironman Lake Tahoe, and he already has a full ironman under his belt.

This week’s workouts are off to a rocky start. Yesterday was a rest day, and today I’m feeling under the weather for the first time in five years. While I hope I’m not getting sick, especially with a Texan wedding this weekend, I know the best thing I can do is rest up and get better fast.