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This last weekend before the holidays will be action-packed. Tonight, Jesse and I are meeting up with my Swedish friend who I met while she was studying abroad at UCSB. Tomorrow, my mom, sister, and Fur Face will be coming to San Francisco to take a ferry to Sausalito for the day. Jesse’s holiday vacations starts this weekend, while I’m working on Monday before we leave for New York on Christmas Day.

Here are our favorite links from this week’s interest perusing:

Public Health and urban planning is more complicated than I presumed.

The right way to take a break. My 30-minute lunch walk is affirmed.

I think I qualify as one of these Highly Sensitive Persons.

I’m very, very scared of the cold, but thankfully the forecast predicts temperatures above freezing. I’ll still take these cold weather running tips seriously when we run outside in New York.

Jesse is now eying this century race in Marin. He’s a racing maniac.

I registered to run this delicious race with BayRunner Jamie. I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Diego last March and the course was gorgeous, so I have high hopes for this race located in Golden Gate Park.