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As I sit here typing this post with one hand in the candy jar and the other petting a blue Australian Shepherd, my spin class this morning is a distant memory, and I’ve shifted my focus toward Halloween Happy Hour and the long weekend ahead.  Taylor and I try our very best to balance work, fitness and play.  Hard work should be rewarded by treating yourself from time to time, and my sweet tooth is clearly a product of my outstanding work ethic.  These are my top five treats for any day that I need a pat on the back, or any day that ends in y.

What I'm dealing with today

What I’m dealing with today

Sour candy – what started with an innocent Sour Patch Kids and gummy worm habit has turned into a full-blown food group for me, and a staple in our cupboard; Taylor and I now buy in bulk.  Sour cherry and grape have traditionally been my favorite artificial fruit flavors, but in recent years, I’ve branched out to more refined tastes such as Trolli Brite Crawler Eggs – gummy worms before they hatch.

Fall 2013 harvest

Fall 2013 harvest

Frozen yogurt – not even lactose intolerance can keep me from this delicacy.  Taylor and I are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Loving Cup, which uses real yogurt made from cultured non-fat milk.  We’re also known to frequent self serve yogurt establishments and sample every flavor.

Popcorn – Trader Joe’s makes several different types of popcorn, and some of our favorites include kettle corn, olive oil, and white cheddar.  It’s extremely satisfying without a ridiculously bad nutritional profile.

Dark chocolate – good for your heart and brain, high in vitamins and minerals, not to mention rich in antioxidants.  Keep that in mind next time you enjoy a handful.

Loving Cup

Loving Cup

Beer/wine – I don’t go overboard, but neither Taylor nor I cut alcohol out of our training plans.  In moderation, it can serve as a great mental reset, but if you choose to drink, keep the popcorn out of arm’s reach.