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I woke up the wrong side of the bed this morning. A less-than-productive Sunday coupled with very bad sleep Sunday night and Saturday night make for a cranky Taylor. In an effort to rectify my bad attitude and save the day from my Debbie Downer perspective, I’ve compiled a list of small things you (and I) can do to brighten your day.

1. Literally stop and smell the flowers.

2. Splurge on a frou frou coffee. Whether that’s the infinitely popular Pumpkin Spice Latte or a double frappuccino with whipped cream, let today be the day for your favorite caffeinated beverage.

3. Ask to pet someone’s dog. It’s hard to feel grumpy when you have a furry, happy, wagging bundle of love at your feet.

4. Compliment a stranger, especially if they look like they’re having a bad day, too.

5. Go shopping for something you’ve really wanted but avoided purchasing due to shopping guilt. Whether that’s a new pair of jeans, an extravagant accessory, or something to decorate your apartment, buy it. You deserve it.

6. Purge people from your Facebook friends list, especially if they’re emotionally sapping or just plain old annoying. Negative status updates and humble bragging, be gone.

7. Call or text an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’ll be nice to reconnect with someone from your past who “gets” you.

8. Go somewhere physically beautiful. Whether this place is your roof, a local garden, or a farmer’s market, immerse yourself in a location where you feel happy.

Hitting two points on my list: exercising and being in a beautiful place (Discovery Park, Seattle).

Hitting two points on my list: exercising and being in a beautiful place (Discovery Park, Seattle).

9. Exercise. The endorphins and sweaty feeling of accomplishment will help you forget why you were crabby in the first place.

10. Write your thoughts down in a journal. Sometimes, I just need to express my frustration to make it go away.

11. Force yourself to smile. Sometimes faking it til you make it is the best bet.

12. Take a shower and use the products you usually reserve for special occasions. Exfoliate, use your expensive shampoo, lather yourself in body butter post-rinse off.

Here’s hoping to a happier Monday!