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My last job paid all employees a contractual bonus every February.  The timing was perfect: many of my colleagues took advantage of their ability to make a 401k contribution against the prior year.  Some people saved, others took vacations; I bought…a blender.

Calling it a blender would do the Vitamix a disservice.  At two horsepower, it’s much more powerful than many lawnmowers and washing machines.  Its motor and blades generate so much heat that simply filling the container with potatoes and leaving the Vitamix running for a few minutes yields piping hot potato bisque.  For those of you who live in apartments, I can promise that your neighbors will be envious of the jet engine sounds emitted with every use.  I’ve taken the Vitamix on Roadshows to Taylor’s parents house and showcased its versatility by making them healthy chocolate avocado pudding and banana soft serve.  (Yes – it’s so powerful that it can turn frozen bananas into frozen yogurt consistency!)  Are there any Jamba Juice fans out there?  How about Starbucks?  Look closely next time you order a smoothie: there’s a high likelihood of a celebrity sighting behind the counter.

Guest starring at the Vitamix booth.  Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 Expo, July 2013.

Guest starring at the Vitamix booth. Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 Expo, July 2013.

I opted for a certified reconditioned model which is virtually indistinguishable from a new Vitamix.  It’s backed by a five year warranty and ships free from vitamix.com.  At $329, it’s steep – no doubt, but one Jamba Juice a week ($6) for a year will set you back $312.  The idea of eating solid foods after a long workout is often off-putting to Taylor and I, and smoothies have become a staple for us in recent months.  They digest quickly, help lower your core temperature, and allow for rapid consumption of a variety of nutrients.  We keep a freezer full of frozen fruits and vegetables, along with protein powders and nut butters that allow for ample combinations in our lab.  Our inventory usually looks something like this:

Almond milk:

Chocolate & unsweetened vanilla.

Protein powders:

Chocolate & vanilla whey.

Nut butters:

Almond & sunflower.


Kale & spinach.


Mango, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, peaches,  blueberries & bananas.

A couple of our favorite recipes:

Vanilla based: unsweetened vanilla almond milk, honey, vanilla protein powder, peaches, banana, strawberry, mango, and pineapple.

Chocolate based: chocolate almond milk, honey, chocolate protein powder, kale, and cherries (great for reducing  inflammation!).

There are plenty of other formidable competitors at lower price points, but I’ve been extremely satisfied with my investment in the Vitamix thus far.  If the Vitamix is out of your budget, reach for whatever you can afford.  Smoothies are a cool way to refuel.